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Tips for Lighting a Green Screen

“Even though there’s more to pulling off a good key than lighting it correctly, like picking the right chroma color, exposure, and compression, it’s definitely one of the most crucial parts. Without an evenly light green screen, you can pretty much say goodbye to the prospect of producing a professional looking image.

So, when it comes to lighting, keep these things in mind:

  • Your green screen must be smooth, clean, and wrinkle-free.
  • Properly expose your green screen (but don’t go past 50% IRE on a waveform monitor).
  • Put distance between the green screen and your subject so you can light both separately and avoid color spill.
  • Light your subject for the background they’ll be standing in front of. (Don’t light them the way you would for an indoor shot if you’re going to be putting them in front of a Hawaiian beach background.)
  • Use apps to help you pull a better key. (Green Screener is a good one for seeing how even your screen is.)
  • Don’t try to “fix it in post.”
  • If you do have to “fix it it post,” learn methods that will help you correct the mistakes you made while shooting (i.e. become a color correction magician).

Shooting on a green screen can be a pretty simple and straightforward process. Just remember that lighting your screen evenly will help you avoid the things that are actually difficult and time-consuming, like color correcting an unevenly lit green screen in post!” – V Renée | No Film School

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9 Helpful Audio Tricks for Recording Documentary Interviews

“Documentary work requires not only great video, but great sound too. Here are nine tricks that will help capture the best audio.

Documentary shoots often include a sit-down interview in a semi-controlled environment, but there will be plenty of times you encounter unwanted ambient noise. When you first arrive on location, start listening for any unusual sounds. Is the A/C unit rumbling, the refrigerator humming, or do you hear the annoying clink of a ceiling fan chain hitting a light bulb? These are all sounds you want to stop.

1. Freeze the Room

9 Helpful Audio Tricks for Recording Documentary Interviews: Freeze the Room

Before setting up your gear, ask to put the A/C unit on full blast to freeze the room. That way when it comes time to hit record, you can turn the unit off and still have a comfortable temperature to work in for a while. A room getting hot too fast can ruin a shot when your speaker is sweating buckets and constantly wiping their face.

2. Freeze Your Keys

9 Helpful Audio Tricks for Recording Documentary Interviews: Freeze Your Keys

One of the best tricks I’ve ever learned was to put my car keys in the refrigerator. If the fridge is loud, you can unplug it — as long as you keep the doors closed, the food will stay cold for a while. You just have to remember to plug the fridge back in when you’re done shooting. To keep yourself from forgetting to plug it back in, put your car keys in the fridge. That way when it’s time to load up, you can’t leave without remembering to check the fridge.

3. Avoid Recording in the Middle of the Room

When setting up the location, try not to place the subject in the middle of a room. The sound quality isn’t ideal in that spot. There can be standing audio waves that will prevent you from capturing crisp and clean audio.” –Michael Maher | PremiumBeat

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Maxon’s 30% Off Flash Sale!

his Thursday, May 12, 2016, for 24 hours only, MAXON will be offering 30% off all licenses and upgrades!

MAXON is turning 30, and to celebrate, ALL MAXON licenses and upgrades* are 30% OFF for 24 hours only, Thursday, May 12, 2016.

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How to Shoot Rain like a Pro

“From Jurassic Park to Spiderman, rain scenes have a special place in popular culture. But how do you actually shoot them?

We filmmakers are always looking for ways to create exciting moods to heighten the drama of a movie. One of the most effective and available tools we have at our disposal is the tried and true rain sequence. It’s a cheap trick, but it might just work.

But the truth is, to do it well is not that cheap. It takes a lot of equipment, manpower, and planning.” – Bruce Logan | No Film School

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Webinar: Boris FX/mocha – Live Training Event: NAB 2016 Round-Up

On Thursday May 5, join BorisFX and Imagineer Systems for a special 1 hr live streaming event were they will show their NAB demos of BCC 10 and premiere the upcoming mocha Pro 5 plug-in.

Space is Limited.  Register Now!

Missed us at NAB? In this special 1 hr live streaming event, we will share our stage demos of BCC 10 (now supporting Adobe, Avid, Resolve & Sony) and premiering the upcoming mocha Pro 5 plug-in.

  • BCC 10 with Product Specialist Vin Morreale
  • New mocha Pro 5 plug-in with Product Specialist Mary Poplin

Door Prizes:
One lucky attendee will win a BCC 10 Multihost license. (Retail value $1995 USD)
One lucky attendee will win a mocha Pro 5 license. (Retail value $1495 USD)

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NAB 2016 Highlights

“Now that NAB 2016 is passed and I’ve had some time to let my brain settle, here is a review of my week and hopefully this will cover a few things you might have missed during the week.

NAB is always a marathon and every year when I get back, it seems like it takes a full week to recover. This year I decided to do things a bit differently.  First, I broke my own rule from my NAB Survival Guide about bringing your spouse. My husband, Dan, is a photographer and is interested in visual imagery, plus he has been friended on Facebook by a lot of my industry friends, so he was excited to meet them. Second, we planned an extra day to get out of the city and see a little nature. Third, we only went to a maximum of two events in the evenings instead of cramming in three or four. Here are some of the highlights.

NAB Show 2016: Virtual Reality: Explore. Immerse. Embrace.

The big buzz this year was VR, virtual reality, and I learned a lot about it. On Sunday evening, we went to a dealer VR event by The Foundry at the Tommy Wind Theater. They had VR content creators talking about how it will change how we plan, shoot, and edit content.

The Foundry VR Panel

One thing that I hadn’t considered is that cinematography as we know it is no longer part of the project. When content is 360°, your viewer is looking all over the place, so you no longer frame a shot. Lighting setups will also change. How will VR work with stories? It seems to me that it could work with a horror film, but it’s really suited to gaming, concerts, sporting events, and the like. Here’s the whole panel presentation. I did see my friend Nedge who came in from Turkey there, so that was pretty cool. ” – Michele Yamazaki Terpstra

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RE:Vision Effects RE:Lens for After Effects

Provides easy corrections and conversions for common projections and lens distortions. Explore novel uses!

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