FxPHD Previews!

Hollywood Nuke Techniques for Indie Projects

“Check out a free preview of our new intermediate level Nuke course, taught by Joshua Galbincea. With independent productions for new media on the rise, we’ll discuss what we can learn from bigger pipelines and how we can condense and use some of those techniques to enhance and speed up our smaller productions and budgeted pipelines.”

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Nuke, Motion Control & Deep Compositing

“The October term at fxphd is in full swing and we’re especially excited about our new advanced Nuke course. Taught by Victor Perez, the first several classes will work through production of the shoot, including behind the scenes insights into the production process; insights which will be invaluable for any visual effects artist who needs to work on-set with motion control.

The course then turns to post-production, including discussion of the workflow of getting the motion control camera data into Nuke for compositing. The high speed Phantom shots will be accented with atmospheric effects such as dust as well as water drops and spray. Several shots will be executed using deep compositing techniques.”

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Background Fundamentals, one of our bonus extras

“The high quality courses at fxphd are the main reason members join the site, but along with membership comes a range of  included “bonus extras.” This includes VPN access to the full versions of a wide variety of software: from Nuke to Houdini, Maya to Modo, RenderMan to Arnold, and more. The online forums are another bonus extra, which provide high level discussion with other members as well as the artists teaching the courses.

Our member’s favorite bonus extra is Background Fundamentals, our weekly magazine-style course which covers the latest trends and technology in the field. It enables artists to keep up to date on changes in the industry and discover what is coming out around the corner.”

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Autodesk offering software-only version of Flame, new subscription options

“For those of you who have longed to be able to own an Autodesk Flame system, but the cost to entry was out of your reach, well your time has come. Autodesk has announced a software-only version of Flame that comes with a new subscription model, allowing artists to use the software for a year for approximately $6,000.

The company, which in the past sold Flame as a turnkey hardware and software system, has now opened the tool up to the masses. For those of you who have bought a hardware-configured Flame running on Linux, don’t fret. Autodesk is allowing for a floating license via a Linux server. Also important to know is that early next year sales of Flame as a turnkey system will discontinue.

Those who buy the software-only Linux version it will be locked  (one license, one computer) and they can choose their own qualified Linux hardware. Later this month, Flame on Mac will be released, with recommended configuration specifications from the company. For those who choose the software-only version of Flame, you will be locked into one system, with no floating license.

The new subscription pricing for Flame starts at $750 per month and can be accessed annually for as low as $500 per month. Autodesk also announced Flame support for OS X as part of the Autodesk Flame Extension 2 release, available later this moth. Autodesk Flare and Autodesk Flame Assist software are now available as standalone products with monthly subscription prices, starting at around $400.

“The changes we are making allow us to continue to provide our Flame users with the tools they need to grow and transform their businesses, now and in the future, as well as to ensure that our business continues to serve them. With the new Flame business model, it’s never been easier for artists and studios to access these powerful tools they need for the high-end finishing their customers demand,” said Marc Stevens, VP, Film and TV at Autodesk. “Community feedback is vital to the future of Flame, and these changes reflect what our customers want; they’ll also allow us to meet the emerging needs of staff artists, freelancers and facilities by offering more choices, just like the rest of Autodesk.”

Fred Ruckel, a long-time Flame user, was happy with the news: “This is a smart decision on their part. It allows Autodesk to recapture users they might have lost due to the cost of the Premium Plan, and it will help them gain users who can now afford to jump in.”

“Autodesk has correctly seen the direction the market is taking by offering Flame on the Mac and unbundling Flare,” saidBarry Goch, online editor at Modern VideoFilm. “It’s a great move to expand the user base while guaranteeing top tier product support and continued development of my favorite finishing platform.”

To sum up…
— New monthly, quarterly and annual subscription options for Flame, Flare, Flame Assist and Autodesk Lustre.
— Unrestricted ability to purchase Flare and Flame Assist licenses with no requirement to own Flame software already.
— Customers may source their own qualified Linux hardware for Flame Family products.
— New support for Flame on OS X in addition to Linux and the announcement of the Flame Family 2016 Extension 2 release available later in November.

With these changes, Autodesk is opening up its products to many more artists, including freelancers and smaller facilities. The new subscription offerings provide a lower cost for facilities expanding their creative capabilities and for smaller studios, including individual freelancers who work on a project basis. Autodesk plans to continue to sell perpetual licenses of Flame Family.

Flame Family 2016 Extension 2
Autodesk has also announced the upcoming Flame Family 2016 Extension 2 release that will be available later this month. It brings new format support and performance gains in color grading workflows. Lustre Reactor brings new GPU acceleration to color grading workflows and improves performance when using blur, keying and softness controls for both preview and rendering operations.

Other enhancements in Lustre include 32-bit floating point GPU rendering locally via Shot Reactor and when using Autodesk background rendering software; performance enhancements when working with Open EXR source media with embedded mattes; UI support for high DPI monitors (4K); and new Print View and Print LUT support when using AJA SDI output. Across the Flame family of products, when importing media, artists can take advantage of new support for the full DNxHR media family by using either QuickTime or MXF containers, as well as updated support for R3D media files including R3D SDK 6.0.3, allowing Flame to directly support the new Dragon 6K sensor and Rec. 2020 color space. When exporting media, the extension supports Sony MPEG-4 Part 2 Simple Studio Profile (SStP) encoding in an MXF wrapper, supporting a variety of formats and presets.

The 2016 versions of Flame, Lustre, Flare and Flame Assist are now available for purchase as software subscription only.” – Randi Altman

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The Foundry Nuke Studio Bundle Promo!


With the NUKE STUDIO Team Bundle, you get not only the creative powerhouse of NUKE STUDIO—complete with its two NUKE Assist licenses—but also an additional seat of NUKE, a full seat of HIERO, two NUKE Render licenses and a HIEROPLAYER. That’s a lot of capacity.

With a NUKE STUDIO collaborative setup like this, your VFX supervisor can oversee creative control of the project from NUKE STUDIO and focus on the effects and finishing, while an editor or producer can work on conform, editing and review in HIERO, a NUKE artist can work with an additional full set of award-winning compositing tools, and two additional artists can get on with everyday tasks like paint and roto in NUKE Assist.

Meanwhile, the seat of HIEROPLAYER lets any of your artists playback and review their shots within the context of the full timeline, and two NUKE Render licenses let you take advantage of your render farm and free up your main workstations for creative tasks. What’s more, new project file compatibility between NUKE STUDIO, HIERO and HIEROPLAYER mean your whole team can collaborate and iterate freely.

Learn More | Purchase The Nuke Studio Team Bundle – $12,200.00 Sale Price / $19,767.00 MSRP


If you’re not ready for a full NUKE family workflow, but have been thinking about powering your pipeline with NUKE STUDIO, the NUKE STUDIO Starter Bundle is for you. Buy NUKE STUDIO today, and we’ll throw in two HIEROPLAYER licenses and two NUKE Render licenses for free. And of course, every NUKE STUDIO seat comes with two NUKE Assist licenses, so you’ll already have the foundation of a collaborative team workflow for just the regular price of NUKE STUDIO.

With a setup like this, you can get more out of your NUKE STUDIO investment by adding NUKE rendering power to your render farm and by providing any of your artists with the ability to review their shots in context of a shared project timeline with HIEROPLAYER. And of course, everyday tasks like paint and roto can be handed off to the NUKE Assists, freeing up your main NUKE STUDIO seat for rapid-turnaround creative work including client-attended sessions.

Learn More | Purchase Nuke Studio Starter Bundle – $9,240.00 Sale Price / $10,728.00 MSRP

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SIGGRAPH 2015 News!

SIGGRAPH 2015 Dailies Trailer


Maxon SIGGRAPH Presenters Announced


Bret Bays
Character TD at Walt Disney Animation

Eric Demeusy
Film Director

Brandon Parvini
Creative Director at Ghost Town Media

Tim Clapham
Founder/Creative at helloluxx

Casey Hupke
Visual FX Designer/Animator

Nick Campbell
Founder/Creative at Greyscalegorilla

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The Foundry Live at SIGGRAPH 2015

The Foundry LIVE @ SIGGRAPH 2015: Wednesday 12 August 10 AM – 4 PM (PDT)

For those not able to attend Siggraph, we’re bringing the show to you, with six hours of LIVE customer demos on Wednesday 12 August.

We’ll kick off the broadcast with an exclusive announcement from The Foundry, followed by a special panel discussion: ‘Future-proofing your business’, moderated by fxguide’s Mike Seymour and a panel of industry specialists.

Whether your interest lies in the latest and greatest games, blockbuster films or awesome animation, we’ve got something for you.

You can join the conversation and interact with the team and guests using #TFSiggraph

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Boris FX & Imagineer Systems – 3 Days of Savings!

Take 40% off select Boris Continuum Complete and mocha Pro purchases this Wednesday June 24 through Friday June 26 Only!

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Products on sale:

Boris Box Set for Adobe & Resolve Hosts
The Boris Box Set delivers the best of Boris FX and Imagineer Systems in one discounted bundle. Includes: Boris Continuum Complete, Final Effects, Complete, RED, and mocha Pro.
List Price: $1995
Sale Price: $1,197

BCC 9 for Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro
Continuum Complete (BCC) is the world’s largest collection of plug-in filters, transitions, and effects tools for editors, VFX artists, and motion designers. BCC is your tool for title design, animation, and effects. (now supports Creative Cloud 2015)
List Price: $995
Sale price: $597

BCC 9 for Resolve/Sony Vegas Pro
List Price: $695
List Price: $417

mocha Pro 4 (New user)
mocha Pro is the Academy Award-winning stand alone software utility optimized for visual effects and post-production challenges. Features include: Planar Motion Tracking, Advanced Roto & Mask Creation, Object Removal & Clean Plate, Lens Distortion Calibration, 3D Camera Solver, Screen Inserts & Mesh Warper, Image Stabilization & more
List Price: $1495
Sale Price: $897

mocha Pro 4 (upgraded from Adobe bundled mocha AE)
List Price: $795
Sale Price: $477

Sale Dates: Wednesday, June 24 – Friday, June 26, 2015

Free intro to zbrush for maya – RYAN KINGSLIEN


Ryan Kingslien has a few spots left for his online Intro To Zbrush Class! Head over to his site and see how you can sign up now! But act fast because its filling up quick!

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Webinar: BorisFX Advanced Tips & Techniques for mocha + After Effects

One of mocha‘s strongest features is the flexibility of the tracking and shape data you can create with it.

In this month’s free training webinar, Ben Brownlee, VFX artist and Curious Turtle trainer, works through some real-world examples of using mocha in conjunction with After Effects and Boris Continuum Complete to tackle a number of challenges.

Transform an ordinary scene by shifting the time of day and animating static elements within the scene. Save time and get the results you want by taking advantage of stabilized pre-comps and 3D camera tracking. Plus, learn how a few straightforward techniques can make a huge difference in beauty work thanks to mocha‘s rotoscoping, shape-generating tools, and Lens and Stabilization modules.

Topics covered:

  • Choosing the correct areas to track for inserts and 3D Camera Tracking
  • Tracking techniques for fast roto
  • Creating a 3D camera from mocha data
  • What to avoid when tracking face elements
  • Finishing touches with BCC Lens Flare, BCC Warp, and BCC Film Process
  • And lots more.

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