15 reasons to learn 3D in 2014

www.creativebloq.com has a great article up online right now written by Lance Evans on the 15 reasons why you should learn how to use 3D applications in 2014. 

“As luck would have it, I was a small kid growing up on Long Island, NY. Just a couple of miles down the road was New York Institute of Technology, which had something called a “computer graphics lab”. Pretty much first of its kind. We took a school trip to go see it in the 1970s, and while I can’t say I remember much of it, I’ve always wondered if the seed was planted in my young mind at the time. (PS: the guys running it later became the founders of places like Pixar, Silicon Graphics, Dreamworks and more.)

Since those primordial days of computer graphics and 3D, things have changed. In just the last half decade 3D tools have found their way into far more areas of our work life than anyone would have imagined.

Let’s take a look at the various projects and industries that use 3D tools, and see how learning that one set of tools (albeit in multiple software packages), can set you up to find work in many markets.” – Lance Evans

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How to Edit Like Kurosawa: An Analysis of the Final Battle in ‘Seven Samurai’

“It has been said many, many times: Akira Kurosawa is a master filmmaker — perhaps the master. However, what skill did the Master master? The general consensus leans toward Kurosawa’s incredible ability to tell stories through editing, the techniques of which are analyzed in this video by Phil Baumhardt. Find out how Kurosawa approached cutting the final battle scene in Seven Samuraias well as the motivations behind his approach after the break.” – V Renee of No Film School

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Adobe Announces Primetime 2.0 With Cloud Ad Insertion

“LAS VEGAS–()–At the 2014 NAB Show, Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced a major new release of Adobe Primetime, the industry’s most advanced TV delivery and monetization platform for programmers and pay-TV service providers. Primetime 2.0 includes a new cloud ad insertion service that lets customers insert ads into live, linear and on-demand content across any platform, giving them the flexibility and reach to monetize content on any device. Adobe also unveiled Concurrency Monitoring as an extension to the Emmy award-winning Primetime PayTV Pass service allowing customers to manage the number of streams accessed across each device.”

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Magic Bullet Looks Reborn!

This is straight in from the fine folks over at Red Giant. If you aren’t on their mailing list then you probably aren’t aware but Magic Bullet Looks 2.5 is getting quite the update for the new Red Giant Universe.

Here is what was in the newsletter:

“Completely rebuilt. GPU-accelerated. New color correction tools. Free update.

March 31, 2014 – Today, Red Giant announced Magic Bullet Looks 2.5, an upcoming free update for current users of Looks and the Red Giant Color Suite. The free update includes new color correction tools, better previewing of presets, and a major bump in speed.

“It might look mostly the same at first glance,” said Nate Sparks, Red Giant Color Suite product manager, “but what’s under the hood is brand-spanking entirely new. Magic Bullet Looks has been around for a long time, and we know how much users depend on it every day in their work. But we reached a point in development where the older technology it was built on was holding us back.”

Rather than continuing to build Looks on old code, the developers chose to spend the last year rebuilding it entirely from scratch – preserving the hugely popular Magic Bullet Looks experience while giving it new life and a bright future.

“A few weeks ago, we announced an entirely new development platform and effects library called Universe,” said Red Giant co-founder Andrew Little. “That technology allows us to quickly create new effects and update existing ones quickly. Magic Bullet Looks has been rebuilt on the same flexible, GPU-enhanced technology, and it opens the door for us to do a lot more with Looks and other existing products in the future.“

In the meantime, you don’t have to wait to get new features out of Magic Bullet Looks. The free update includes the following enhancements:

  • Speed increases of up to 95% on Windows® and more than 25% on Mac®.
  • Improved Looks Previewing: allows users to hover over Looks to preview the results.
  • Strength Slider: control the overall strength of your entire Look with an easy-to-use, key-framable slider.
  • LUT Tool: allows users to import .cube LUTs as well as 12 new LUT presets.
  • S-Curve Tool: makes it easy to add contrast without losing detail.
  • Better Custom Looks Management: makes it easier to share your Looks with other editors.

“These updates are just the beginning,” said Sparks. “We’ve wanted to do much more with Magic Bullet Looks. And now, with Looks rebuilt, you can expect to see big things in the future.”

Limited Time Boris Continuum Complete Cross-grades!

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