Warcraft: The Beginning with Visual Effects by ILM

World of Warcraft

Industrial Light and Magic, referred to lovingly as ILM, created VFX for the upcoming Warcraft film. Warcraft was directed by Duncan Jones and stars

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Warcraft Face Capture

/Film went to ILM to learn about the groundbreaking Visual Effects in Warcraft. Read about it here. The article talks about how they made those orcs so creepy and real with Face Capture Technology. I’m sure you’ve seen videos before where they put sensors on the face of the actor to capture facial expressions.  All I can say that those Orcs are pretty scary and realistic looking.

Visual Effects in Warcraft

MovieMaker magazine interviews the VFX Supervisor in the article Building the World of Warcraft: An In-Depth Conversation With Visual Effects Supervisor Bill Westenhofer.