Tutorial: Advanced 3D Liquid Logo Animation with RealFlow, Cinema 4D, After Effects

RealFlow Liquid Logo Tutorial

This is a 17-part tutorial series from MographPlus that dives deep into creating a 3D Logo Animation using Next Limit RealFlow | Cinema 4D with Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects. The trainer goes over lighting, which. he explains, is one of the more difficult parts of the lesson.

Free Trials

You can download free trials of RealFlow and Cinema 4D at Toolfarm.

You should be able to watch the entire series here. After a lesson finishes, it will hopefully go to the next section.

Next Limit RealFlow | Cinema 4D 2.0RealFlow|Cinema 4D

RealFlow | Cinema 4D gives you the best in fluid simulation, directly inside Cinema 4D. Now you can achieve high-end simulations with an even easier workflow.

RealFlow | Cinema 4D 2.0 adds some of the most recent RealFlow features, such as the new Multiphysics solver and the possibility for interaction between different fluids in the same scene. Cinema 4D users can now enjoy the faster and easier workflow inside the Cinema 4D interface, plus the latest RealFlow developments for their high-end small and medium scale fluids.

Learn more about RealFlow|Cinema 4D

Also, check out the announcement of the release of RealFlow | Cinema 4D, which has a video of the features in 2.0.


Maxon Cinema 4D Studio R19Maxon Cinema 4D R19

CINEMA 4D Studio is the very best that MAXON has to offer for professional 3D artists.

Cinema 4D Studio is the very best that MAXON has to offer for professional 3D artists. If you want to create advanced 3D graphics but need a helping hand to ensure you create jaw-dropping graphics quickly and easily, then this is the choice for you. As well as containing all of the features found in Cinema 4D Prime, Visualize and Broadcast, Cinema 4D Studio adds advanced character tools, hair, a physics engine and an unlimited client network for rendering. The result is that Cinema 4D Studio can tackle any project you throw at it with ease.

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