Allegorithmic Substance Designer Materialize Contest Winners Announced

substance designer materialize contest winners

Allegorithmic has announced the winners of the Substance Designer Materialize Contest it hosted back in December 2017.  There were six winners in the general and MDL categories. And because of the quality and number of entries, there are 3 additional special prizes, bringing the total number of winners to nine.

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Here are the First Place Winners.  Click the link above to view all the winners and see detailed close-ups of their work.

General category

1st Prize – NICK CREECY

Freelance 3D Artist at XS Studio, Newtown, Australia.

Chiselled Wood, a reproduction of Yushiyuki Kato chiseled tray.

substance designer materialize contest wood tray


MDL category

1st Prize – MARK FOREMAN

Senior Environment Artist, Warsaw, Poland

Malachite With Chrysocolla.

substance designer materialize contest malachite


View all the Materialize Contest Winners

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