SIGGRAPH 2017 News Round-up at 3D Artist

SIGGRAPH 2017 News Round-up

If you missed SIGGRAPH 2017 or just want a recap, check out the SIGGRAPH 2017 News Round-up at 3D Artist.  It highlights all the big announcements from companies and studios like Autodesk, Chaos Group, ILM, MAXON and more. Plus learn who won Best of Show and other awards.

Read an excerpt from the article:

This year’s SIGGRAPH has drawn to a close…3D Artist were there this year, taking a look at over 600 papers, courses, lectures, panels, installations, artworks and experiences that were shared and culled from nearly 2,000 submissions from around the world. Over 1,800 speakers and contributors participated overall at SIGGRAPH 2017.

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