NAB 2016 Highlights

Michele and Dan Terpstra at NAB 2016

Now that NAB 2016 is passed and I’ve had some time to let my brain settle, here is a review of my week and hopefully, this will cover a few things you might have missed during the week.

NAB is always a marathon and every year when I get back, it seems like it takes a full week to recover. This year I decided to do things a bit differently.  First, I broke my own rule from my NAB Survival Guide about bringing your spouse. My husband, Dan, is a photographer and is interested in visual imagery, plus he has been friended on Facebook by a lot of my industry friends, so he was excited to meet them. Second, we planned an extra day to get out of the city and see a little nature. Third, we only went to a maximum of two events in the evenings instead of cramming in three or four. Here are some of the highlights.

NAB Show 2016: Virtual Reality: Explore. Immerse. Embrace.

The big buzz this year was VR, virtual reality, and I learned a lot about it. On Sunday evening, we went to a dealer VR event by The Foundry at the Tommy Wind Theater. They had VR content creators talking about how it will change how we plan, shoot, and edit content.

The Foundry VR Panel

One thing that I hadn’t considered is that cinematography as we know it is no longer part of the project. When content is 360°, your viewer is looking all over the place, so you no longer frame a shot. Lighting setups will also change. How will VR work with stories? It seems to me that it could work with a horror film, but it’s really suited to gaming, concerts, sporting events, and the like. Here’s the whole panel presentation. I did see my friend Nedge who came in from Turkey there, so that was pretty cool.
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