Keying and Procedural Matte Extraction – Masters of Visual Effects 2.3

These Masters of Visual Effects videos are fantastic, even though they’re over 15 years old. In this episode, Stu Maschwitz of the Red Giant Magic Bullet and DV Rebel fame, covers Keying and Procedural Matte Extractions. You will learn a lot and these techniques about procedural matte extraction still apply today.

Stu has some great advice (and great hair too!)

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Masters of Visual Effects 2.1 and 2.2 – Compositing Concepts – Masters of Visual Effects is a decade old series from Matt Silverman and a group of extremely knowledgeable visual effects artists, but still really, really good and the information is still extremely useful today. As one of the commenters says, “A bygone era of training vids… they don’t make em like this anymore.”