From Hollywood to Youtube – FXHome Shifts Its Focus to Younger Artists

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The special effects firm FXHome, makers of HitFilm and PhotoKey, and featured in hit movies such as Salt and The Hangover Part 2, is turning away from the silver screen and looking to homegrown Youtubers to expand.

Special effects firm FXHome, based in St Giles, is hoping to inspire a new generation of film makers as it aims to increase its user base to five million, which would put it on a level with the products of tech giants Adobe and Apple….

Founder and chief executive Josh Davies said he hoped to inspire and support a community of young creators and was expecting to reach one million users by the end of the financial year. He said: “Our software has been used in Hollywood but we don’t care about that, we care about the young people who want to be creative. We built a free version of our software because we wanted to get through some of the barriers to people making films. We were being used by 200,000 people around the world and now that is nearly a million.”

Read the full article at the Eastern Daily Press here.

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