Free Guide to GPU Rendering from Chaos Group

Chaos Group Guide to GPU

Download the brand new 60 page Free Guide to GPU Rendering from Chaos Group Labs. The GPU is your Graphics Processing Unit of your computer. Here’s how Chaos Groups Lab explain it the guide:

Chaos Groups Labs

GPU rendering conversations often end with more questions than answers. What card should I buy? Should I get a professional or gaming card? How much memory do I need? CUDA or OpenCL? And the list goes on.

We decided to answer these questions by creating a free Guide to GPU rendering. It gives a quick history of GPU vs. CPU rendering, current hardware and software trends, common myths, and what to expect in the near future.

We hope it helps steer you in the right direction. At least it should save you countless frustrating hours sifting through the internet.

Download the GPU rendering guide from Chaos Group. You’ll need to register for an account but it’s no big deal, I promise.

I recently bought a new computer, thinking I’d be good to go, but some plug-ins that have GPU acceleration do not like my card. I guess this is different from GPU rendering, however, the effects do render with the GPU, so maybe it’s the same! If I can disable GPU acceleration, I’m okay but if I can’t, the plug-in is buggy and crashy. I plan to write an article about my issues, however, I need to get to the bottom of it first.

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Thanks to Chaos Group for the great resource and to for the tip!

If you’re interested in upgrading your GPU, NVIDIA makes some great options at all levels.