Flowbox – New Rotoscoping & VFX Platform is Now Available

flowbox rotoscoping and vfx platform

Flowbox is a new Rotoscoping & Visual Effects platform built with collaboration in mind. Export to Nuke or After Effects. Import tracking data from Mocha.

Tackle the most challenging roto shapes: organic, soft objects, clothes and hair OR just finish your daily roto faster…it doesn’t matter if you have a small job or hundreds of shots Flowbox’s intuitive interface and high tech tools will get you through it faster.

Try Flowbox (Under Standalone/Host Applications)

Create and animate mattes in seconds not minutes

  • Create mattes in seconds drawing them with rotoDRAW
  • Animate with rotoSNAP – complex hair detail? Clothing in the wind? No problem.
  • Intelligent Ripple Edit – wanna do a last minute fix? No worries – with our new algorithm it’s gonna be perfect
  • Use fast point tracker or import tracking from Mocha Pro

Work faster than an expert with our LiveQC integrated workflow

  • LiveQC is a group of intelligently designed features that allow you to check the quality and output of your roto on the fly.
  • Multiple Viewers – for instant feedback
  • Follow Shapes/Points – to stabilize every element with or without tracking
  • Isolate Mode will help you focus on selected shapes
  • Lifetime Control – made visually
  • Power Display Settings – customize per action, how you want to see shapes and points.

Work fast and comfortably

  • If you work in Nuke, Fusion or in another node based system you feel right at home
  • If you work in AfterEffects or another timeline system then you will be suprised how simple our Nodes are to use
  • Our interface and platform is by far the simplest and easiest to use

Fast export to other software in your pipeline or to your client

  • Export to Nuke and After Effects
  • Import tracking from Mocha

Learn More | Purchase Flowbox at Toolfarm.com