e-on Software Vue 2016 R3 and Plant Factory 2016 R3 are Now Available

e-on software vue 2016 R3

Vue 2016 R3 adds major performance, responsiveness and stability improvements, up to 4X faster scene saving and much more. Plant Factory 2016 R3 now has advanced control over branch growth and natural pruning effects.

e-on vue 2017 R3

New in VUE 2016 R3:

All product titles now available in French and German

  • UX/UI improvements:
    • Major performance/responsiveness/stability improvements
    • Higher quality display in Render Scene preview for Soft shadows
    • Better handling of editor window manipulations
    • Support for HiDPI screens on MacOS
  • Optimized scene saving process
    • Up to 4x faster scene saving
    • Up to 2x smaller file size
    • 3 New scene saving modes: Default, Consolidated Archive, Network Rendering
  • HDR Rendering:
    • Major improvements in dynamic range depth when using Spectral atmospheres
    • New optional sun visibility parameter for Spectral Atmospheres
    • Automatic de-activation of Tone-Mapping when saving HDR pictures (.hdr or .exr formats)
  • Path Tracer renderer improvements
    • Now supports Spectral Cloud layers
    • Now supports Soft Shadows and Blurry Reflections/Refractions
    •  for ‘Don’t cast shadows’ and ‘Disable Indirect Lighting’ material properties
    • New Translucent material type
  • Cloud Modulation:
    • New Cloud Opacity modulation
    • Access local coordinates for color settings
    • Faster computing of Spline operations for HeightField Terrains
  • xStream Integration
    • Optimized native spline handling
  • Network Rendering
    • New command line options to set color/alpha/depth passes for both stills and animations rendering
    • New Python callbacks for setting and getting Color, Alpha and Depth channels saving location

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e-on plant factory 2017 R3

New in Plant Factory 2016 R3:

  • Advanced Pruning Algorithms
    • PlantFactory 2016 R3 adds a new Current Primitive node, that allows advanced control over branch growth and natural pruning effects. Additionally, a new set of pruning parameters are now available, such as:
      • Cut probability
      • Cut length
      • Radius Reduction
  • UX/UI Improvements
    • Major performance/responsiveness/stability improvements
    • All software titles are now available in English, French and German
    • Better wireframe display, and improved gizmo manipulator interactions
    • Improved geometry loading and previewing
    • Improved vegetation painting
  • Improved Geometry Transition Algorithms
    • Better handling of branch offset
    • Improved geometry continuity with highly distorted models
    • Displacement mapping now available on transition zones
  • Improved exports
    • New optional wind application to exported geometry
    • Improved export dialog interface
    • Improved PTex format export for plant materials

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For Vue and Plant Factory users to get the update, just launch your current version.