Create Glitches, Transmission Interruptions and More with Digieffects DAMAGE

digieffects damage ghost

Glitch effects are everywhere these days, from the big screen with movies like “Arrival” to TV series like “Lost” and even livestreams.  Everywhere you look, there are glitches.  If you want to create some glitch effects for your own projects, Digieffects DAMAGE is an excellent place to start.

DAMAGE lets you create all sorts of signal interruptions, glitches, noise, ghosting, rolling VHS tape, interference and much more.

Digieffects has offered up several examples, with tips, on how to recreate some of these effects:

digieffects damage lost

Transmission Interruption Look With DAMAGE

Transmissions over long distances are often accompanied by pesky interruptions. A great example of this is shown above in a screenshot from ABC’s TV show Lost. This kind of effect can be recreated with tools from the DAMAGE suite.

Remember that most effects from DAMAGE work best at a fraction of a second. Try using Artifact mixed with some Aged Film to achieve this look in no time. Throw in some motion blur for an even more intense effect!

digieffects damage livestream

Livestream Glitches With DAMAGE

Livestreams seem to be on the up and coming trend in social media. Often these live videos can come with all sorts of unwanted glitches. Tools in the Digieffects DAMAGE suite work great if you want to re-create this look.

Artifact is the tool of choice here. Try adding multiple layers and adjusting the ‘Operation Type’ parameter.

digieffects damage mars

DAMAGE: National Geographic’s MARS

Recreate National Geographic’s TV series, MARS with DAMAGE Blockade. Blockade can be used to simulate the kind of video glitches from a transmission all the way from Mars. Remember that some effects in the DAMAGE suite work best at a fraction of a second.

digieffects damage arrival

Arrival : TV Broadcast Look With DAMAGE

In the trailer for Arrival there are some examples of news broadcasts showing how aliens have landed around the globe. Tools from the Digieffects DAMAGE suite work great to re-create this look.

The interlaced look of the footage can be duplicated with Interference. Simply applying this effect will make any footage look like it’s coming from a broadcast. Try adding Overexpose to give an even more eye-witness feel.

Digieffects offers many free presets to create all manner of glitchy damage. View presets.

Digieffects DAMAGE is available for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects versions CS6 and CC, Final Cut Pro X, as well as Motion 4 and 5.

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